Traditional Pork Chestnut Dumpling (330G) 粟子咸肉粽 [Dumpling Festival]


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Traditional Pork Chestnut Dumpling (330G) 粟子咸肉粽

Ready-to-Cook Freezer Pack *Food photo for illustration only.

速冻即煮食品包 *食物照片仅供参考。

Ingredients: Glutinous Rice, Chestnuts, 3 layer meat, Salted Egg York, Dry Shrimp, Shallot, Green beans and Reed Leaf 材料:糯米、栗子、三层肉、咸蛋黄、干虾、葱、青豆、芦叶

Storage of Product:

For optimal freshness and to maintain the integrity of our product, please store it in the freezer at -18°C. The absence of preservatives means our product should be kept frozen until ready to enjoy, to prevent unforeseen damage during transfer or from various storage conditions. We advise checking the item thoroughly before consumption. 为了保持最佳新鲜度和维持产品的完整性,请将产品存放在-18°C的冰箱中。不添加防腐剂意味着我们的产品应保持冷冻状态,直至准备享用,以防在转移过程中或由于各种储存条件造成未预见的损害。我们建议在食用前彻底检查产品。

Delivery Information:

Delivery Schedule – Our delivery team operates daily from 8 am to 6 pm. While we typically deliver the next day, please note that delivery is within three working days. Order Cut-off Times: Orders placed before 2 pm are generally consider as the following working day date. 配送信息: 配送时间:我们的配送团队每天从上午8点至下午6点运作。虽然我们通常会在第二天进行配送,但请注意配送时间为三个工作日内。 订单截止时间:下午2点前下的订单一般视为次个工作日的日期。

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