Stewed Chicken Feet 焖鸡脚 4pcs


The chicken feet are rich in collagen, low in fat, and simmered to a soft texture.
It is very appetizing during meals; the sauce can be used for mixing with noodles or rice.

凤爪有着丰富的胶原蛋白,脂肪含量底,也焖到好松软, 在吃饭时候非常开胃;卤汁可以用来拌面或拌饭。

Cooking instruction:

1. Please fully defrost frozen food before cooking
2. When the water is boiled and reaches a temperature of 100°C, please adjust to medium heat
3. Put the food packaging (safe for high temperature cooking) into the pot of boiling water and simmer for 10 – 15 minutes
4. Cut the seal and take out the food from its packaging
5. Pour the food out on a plate and it’s ready to serve

1. 速冻食品先完全解冻
2. 开水锅煮水到100°度时, 水沸腾将火调至中火
3. 将食品包装(高温蒸煮袋)放进开水锅里泡 10-15分钟
4. 取出食品包装,剪开封口
5. 倒出食品摆盘,即可享用

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Product of Singapore

Keep Frozen at -18°C

No Preservatives


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