Marinated Chicken Chop 腌鸡扒 2 slices


One of our best sellers.  Goes well with brown sauce or golden egg sauce.   When the temperature of the pan reaches 160 to 180 degree Celsius, pan fry the chicken chops for 4 minutes.  Pan fry for 1 min on each side until fully cooked.  Heat up the desired sauce, then drizzle over the fried chicken chops.  Ready to serve.

*Image shown for illustration purpose only

我们的畅销产品之一。搭配秘制总酱或咸蛋酱一起食用效果更佳。当锅的温度达到160至180时,将鸡排煎4分钟。每面翻炒1分钟,直到完全煮熟。加热所需的酱料,然后在炸鸡排上淋上加热的酱汁。 即可食用。


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