Handmade Prawn Balls 手工鸡肉虾枣10pcs

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INGREDIENTS: Chicken, Prawn, Squid Paste, Celery, Water Chestnut, Shallot, Garlic, Sesame Oil, Oyster Sauce, MSG, Sugar, Salt, Flour, Spices

Food photo for illustration only.

When deep-fried to a golden brown, bite into its crispy skin with delicious filling
It can be served with sweet chili sauce



Cooking instruction:

1. Please thoroughly defrost frozen food before cooking
2. Heat the oil in the pan to 100°c
3. Take out the food from its packaging, put it one by one into the hot pan, and fry it until golden brown.
4. Place the food on the plate and ready to serve

1. 速冻食品先完全解冻
2. 锅中油加热至100°c
3. 从食品包装取出食品,将一个个放进热锅里炸至金黄色即可
4. 食品摆盘,即可享用

Product of Singapore

Keep Frozen at -18°C

No Preservatives


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